Today’s Guest Blogger, Dkor Interiors, Talks Miami Design

Hello DKORistas! We are DKOR Interiors, a Miami based residential interior design firm providing innovative and client driven interior design services internationally. We are super excited to be Rotsen Furniture’s Guest Bloggers today and share with you our custom furniture design collaborations with the Rotsen team.


Custom furniture is a great alternative if you have been searching for the right furniture pieces and there are no options in the store that meet your space, or design style needs. It is a very satisfying feeling when you are able to find the perfect sofa or coffee table that you imagined. Let’s face it; getting exactly what you want for your home is not always easy. Sometimes this process can be very tiresome and time-consuming.

When choosing furniture pieces for our interior design projects, we always keep in mind the style, color palette and concept running the overall design of the home. As Miami interior designers when we start the hunt for unique furniture pieces, we usually go through a number of online sources and visit our favorite local showrooms to find that perfect furniture piece that completes our vision.CARTER_CUSTOMCOFFEETABLE

There are several factors that influence our decision for selecting furnishings for our residential interior projects: size, quality, colors, materials, etc. With several things to take into consideration it can be hard to check all those boxes off our list. That is when we turn to the Rotsen team for the perfect piece. Our DKOR interior design teams have discovered that custom furnishings are an excellent option to furnish spaces. With custom made furniture pieces we are able to have beautiful design solutions and customize the materials, finishes, size, and the colors we want to use to fit the style of the home.

The key in custom furniture is to find trusted furniture vendors and manufacturers with a good deal of experience. We are very lucky to have found Rotsen Furniture, who is known for their excellence in quality, customer service, and fine craftsmanship. Rotsen’s skilled artisans are DKOR Interiors favorite for our residential design projects! Rotsen Furniture works with the designer’s to create pieces that are tailored to the space and function needed in the room. We have collaborated with them for several interior design projects and the results are just amazing. We can’t wait to share with you some of these breathtaking custom-made pieces.

SHAPIRO_Custom Coffee Table




Don’t be afraid to take the road of custom furniture when you can’t find what you are looking for! We definitely recommend Rotsen Furniture to any DKORista who is willing to create custom made pieces and make sure all their needs are matched in their home furniture. Thank you for following us! If you want to know more about our interior design projects please visit our website:


question-and-answer-images-faq-icon-300x270 Before Dkor signs out, we asked them this one question!
Q: We at Rotsen Furniture love working with your team! If you had to choose, what is your favorite Rotsen Furniture piece featured in one of your projects?
A: “Every piece we have created together is special but we have definitely enjoyed the design and production process of two interior design projects: Contemporary Waterfront Elegance and Contemporary Twilight. What makes these two pieces very significant for our interior design team is the strong collaboration we had with Rotsen Furniture team during the design development; the constant communication needed really makes our work relationship stronger.”

We feel the same! Thanks for following along our collaborative blog series with Dkor Interiors and be sure to check back soon for future collaborations! 


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