Light Vs. Dark – What WOOD You Choose?

Light Vs. Dark – What WOOD You Choose?

Incorporating wood into your interior design plan is a great way to establish a stronger connection with nature. The color of wood shines through prominently in furniture, eliciting the feeling of being outside, and using natural, real hardwood will create a stronger bond with the outside. If you are looking for your home to feel naturally inspired, then consider if you would prefer a light or dark wood look:


Lighter toned furniture, like an oak, white or beech, for example are more often used in casual spaces such as sunrooms and family rooms and for a long time out have been considered more of a traditional and country look however we have noticed a large surge in demand for light wood furniture in the contemporary market. Paired with shabby chic and art deco inspired accent such as gold accents and jewel tones, light colored furntiure can help make a small room feel larger in an elegant way.

Try the Ash Wood Dining Table with Acrylic Legs:

Rotsen Furniture Rotsen Furniture




The majority trend in recent years has been toward darker furniture as it is a reliable way to add drama to a room and gives it a more formal look. It’s compelling, draws the eye and can serve as a wonderful focal point. Dark furniture is a great choice when you have a large, spacious room that may need some warming up. Adding dark furniture to any space is a great tactic to making it feel more intimate and more inviting. When it comes to wall colors and fabrics, you can go two ways with dark-toned furniture; bright walls will serve as a wonderful showcase for your furniture because of the contrast or combining dark furniture with dark walls will create a very sophisticated and sleek look.

Try the Modern Coffee Table with Walnut Veneer and Smoke Glass Top:

Rotsen Furniture Rotsen Furniture


Either way, the option is personal and depends completely on the look, feel and aurora you are looking to establish and showcase within your home. At Rotsen Furniture, we provide a full spectrum of wood type, grain and colors so be sure to visit us online to shop for your perfect piece!

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