Miami Carpenters: How We Create Custom Planters

Rotsen Furniture Shares the Process Behind Creating Custom Planters If you are an interior designer, decorator or just a home decor addict, then you know just how challenging it can be to find the perfect planter pots! Because of it’s requirements, i.e. they need to be strong, well-made, weather resistant and also aesthetically pleasing, this puts a … Read more

Custom Furniture: What You Should Expect

Custom Furniture: A manufactured object produced according to the specifications of an individual purchaser. At Rotsen Furniture, we take pride in the custom furniture produced for each and every one of our individual Miami interior design, commissioned, commercial and home decor projects. Custom pieces are often made according to specifications to satisfy definite interior design … Read more

Rotsen Furniture – What We Do

Rotsen Furniture is dedicated to making the world more beautiful and comfortable, while promoting environmental sustainability and the use of renewable sources. We keep this commitment foremost in mind when creating every magnificent piece. Wood is sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica and California and certified by The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources … Read more

The Top 5 Interior Design Trends of 2016

As we dive a little bit deeper into the new year, like in any industry, there are new trends and patterns to pay attention to that may be in the spotlight. Today on the Blog, I am sharing with you my favorite trends taking over the Miami interior design market. As Rotsen Furniture continues to … Read more