Miami Design is Born from Trees


Miami design is often thought of as modern and contemporary, representing cold and stark interiors with clean lines and open space plans. We find this interior design style to be beautiful and architecturally superior in it’s own right, but one of our favorite parts of working at Rotsen Furniture is being able to supply the interior designers with which we collaborate, a touch of nature and greenery to their projects.


Rotsen Furniture produces furniture pieces integrating wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful and modern aesthetic, which is perfect for the Miami design market. The wood is sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica and California and certified by the IBAMA as well as farms endorsed by the FSC and are mostly discovered in remote areas as naturally fallen, well preserved trees, trunks found in rivers and lakes at the end of their life, or harvested from sustainable plantations and well managed forests.

Rotsen-Furniture-Wood-Miami Design

Our team of world class artisans and craftsmen at Rotsen Furniture work with the rare solid woods, impressive single slab live edge lumber, and large book matched slabs, making for unique and sophisticated furniture pieces. From these gorgeous and natural places throughout the world, Miami design is born! Take a peek below at some of our most recent transitions from the fallen woods of the world to beautiful and timeless furniture pieces created custom and specifically for clients here in Miami, and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more of the process in detail, including videos!

BEFORE: The Solid Hardwood Bench 

rotsen furniture-miami interior design

rotsen furniture-miami interior design

AFTER: The Solid Hardwood Bench

Solid Harwood Bench – Metal Base

BEFORE: The Canela Wood Pedra Bench 

rotsen-furniture-Vertical Arts - Bench - 1

rotsen furniture-miami interior design-1

rotsen furniture-miami interior design.jpg

AFTER: The Canela Wood Pedra Bench 

Rotsen Furniture Solid Canela Wood Pedra Bench 010


For more insight into the process, make sure to check back on the Rotsen Furniture Blog soon! 



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