ICFF 2016: A Recap from Rotsen Furniture

Last week was a busy one for the Rotsen Furniture design team! A few days of travel in the NorthEast mixed with an amazing experience at the ICFF 2016 International Contemporary Furniture Fair made for such an inspirational and delightful trip! We traveled to New York City early in the week to be able to participate in all of the action that happens at one of the largest (and our particular favorite) worldwide design fairs.

As a high-end Miami-based custom furniture design company and manufacturing studio, it is important that we make great efforts to stay on top of the industry’s latest trends that help us continue to grow as a company. The ICFF is North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design and is home to more than 750 exhibitors from all over the globe who display their contemporary furniture lines and covers everything from furniture to materials to flooring, tile, lighting, accessories, textiles and more. Whatever your mind cannot imagine has been attempted and visualized at the ICFF design fair!

At this year’s 2016 show, Rotsen furniture had an amazing time engaging with the exhibitors, designers and crafters and studying some of the world’s finest and most innovative contemporary design. In today’s “ICFF Recap: Part 1” blog post, we are sharing with you some of favorite findings! Explore ICFF 2016 with Rotsen Furniture…

ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-1
Welcome to the Javits Center in New York City!


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-2
Exhibitor: Peter Glassford applies beautiful and natural woods as wall decor


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-3
Exhibitor: Peter Glassford applies beautiful and natural woods as wall decor


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-4
Exhibitor: Wood Furniture Design uses beautiful slabs of smooth and refinded wood to decorate their booth


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-5
Exhibitor: Gold and copper accents inside the Wood Furniture Design booth


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-6
Exhibitor: ION Design is keeping the natural and organic characteristics of the wood he uses prevalent in his designs. We’re a fan!


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-7
Exhibitor: THISLEXIK shows a unique approach to lighting design – these LED tubes are easily movable to curate a personalized interior mood


ICFF 2016-Rotsen-Furniture-11
Exhibitor: Sawkill created a rock-able seating option for the more daring. Who says Modern and Contemporary design can’t be fun or interactive!



For more information on Rotsen Furniture, visit us online today and be sure to check back later in the week for Part 2 of our ICFF Blog series reveal! 



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