A Quick Update from Rotsen Furniture

In case you missed it, this week’s newsletter went out and featured our stunning Canela Wood Console that was recently added to our “Ready-To-Ship” inventory, meaning you don’t have to wait up to six months to custom-design your own table, it’s ready to go as is (and gorgeous if we might say so.) Take a look at the specs and production process below:

Wood – Brazilian Canela Solid
Metal Leg & Acrylic Leg

Here is what the wood looks like after it’s sourced and comes to us in the Studio:

Rotsen Furniture-Wood

Rotsen Furniture designs furniture pieces integrating wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful, modernist appeal. Once this slab of Canela solid wood is cut to size and treated in our warehouse, it’s adhered to it’s metal and acrylic legs to produce this spectacularly unique and detailed piece:
Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design-Furniture-2
Double welded leg detail of the “Canela Console”


Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design-Furniture-1
Acrylic leg detail of the “Canela Console”
Rotsen Furniture-Miami Design-Furniture
To shop more READY-TO-SHIP items, visit us online today! 


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