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Today on the BLOG, we are continuing with our blog series on why Rotsen Furniture sources materials to use in our projects from Brazil. Gain a full understanding of our trip and why it was planned by reading A Story of Creation from Brazil, and the come back to today’s post where we want to continue with our story of “custody chain”.



What is the Chain of Custody Certification?

Here’s the breakdown and one that we feel is important to share because it represents Rotsen’s mission from the core:

“In order to provide assurances that wood and wood-based products originate from sustainably managed forests, PEFC promotes Chain of Custody certification. Chain of Custody certification outlines requirements for tracking certified material from the forest to the final product to ensure that the wood contained in the product or product line originates from certified forests. PEFC Chain of Custody certification is essential for

– companies to implement and demonstrate ethical business behavior, and

– consumers to make responsible purchasing decisions.

For a product to qualify for certification, all entities along the supply chain must possess a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate. Only then are companies eligible to use the PEFC label on their products and in product marketing to highlight the responsible sourcing of the raw material.”

As you know the design and shape of the tree defines the wood utilization. Many times these pieces are made from old fallen trees that, despite being aged, have not lost the qualities that set them apart as unique and special. It is actually just the opposite; although dry, the core, the most beautiful and resistant part of the wood, is preserved. These pieces of furniture are then exclusive, definitely One-of-a-Kind, and allow the client to own a unique and rare piece.
After arriving from the forest, these pieces go through a process of drying and cleaning, then through a careful treatment and various types of cuts and polishes that will give them their final mold. You can take a closer look at some of the photos below: the low plants are Cacao and the tall are the native wood trees.
Some notable types of wood (you may notice some of these names from previous blogs):
Cedro Timbuíba
New Trunk Coffee Table
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