About Us

Rotsen Furniture

Consciously Creative

Since 2005, Rotsen Furniture has created pieces integrating wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful, modernist aesthetic. The starting point and inspiration for each piece comes from the wood itself. The materials speak to our designers and guide them to create unique and custom heirloom-quality furniture and artwork. Combined with the additional elements of metal, glass, and plexiglass, the result is impressive, holistic pieces of exquisite craftsmanship.

Custom pieces are often made according to specifications to satisfy definite interior design needs. Clients include the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt and W Hotels, as well as renowned interior design firms. Furniture has been created for both residential and corporate properties in the U.S. and throughout the world including Mexico, Canada, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

A U.S. company, Rotsen produces its furniture at facilities in the U.S. and Brazil aiding in the generation of employment to help strengthen local economies and communities.

It’s Perfectly Natural

The reaction is pure instinct. To reach out. To touch. To gaze at the warm and rich variations of color. There is a primal reaction to the feel of wood. The texture of the grain or the smoothness of a perfectly sculpted surface. Organic shapes and natural flaws only add to the sensory experience and innate beauty. To perceive a history in its rings, wood reminds us of our connection to nature.

Second Nature

Rotsen Furniture is dedicated to making the world more beautiful and comfortable, while promoting environmental sustainability and the use of renewable sources. We keep this commitment foremost in mind when creating every magnificent piece. Wood is sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica and California and certified by The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) as well as farms endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Most of it is discovered in remote areas as naturally fallen, well preserved trees, trunks found in rivers and lakes at the end of their life, or harvested from sustainable plantations and well managed forests.

It’s Not A Waste

Rotsen also utilizes reclaimed materials from decaying bridges, old barns and demolished structures that are sometimes more than 100 years old. These found objects are given new life in designs with exclusive characteristics and one-of-a-kind details.

Reclaim Your Lifestyle

Rotsen Furniture is individually and meticulously hand-crafted, influenced by the earth’s natural materials. Each piece is uniquely yours. Reach out, feel and create your own connection with nature.