Toco Coffee Table

Made with a single slab of Tamburil wood, this live edge coffee table was designed based on the unique characteristics of the wood. Each leg crosses through and is visible from the top. The natural split at the center of the slab became the focal point of this piece in the design process. One of this piece’s distinguishing characteristics is the contrast created from the very light colored sapwood to the dark and beautifully grained heartwood. Combine that with natural imperfections of the slab and you get this beautiful piece made of reclaimed Brazilian Tamburiuva wood.

Customization options include finishes, reclaimed wood types, sizes, and base materials. Natural edge wood top options include Tamburiuva, red oak, walnut, acacia, spalted maple, and mango wood. Customers are encouraged to contact our design team for furniture image requests and to discuss design ideas.

Dimensions: 70” L x 30” D x 14” H

Toco Coffee Table


Rotsen Furniture creates furniture and artwork integrating wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful, modernist aesthetic. Each piece is individually and meticulously hand-crafted, often combining wood with metal, glass or Plexiglas, resulting in pieces of exquisite craftsmanship. The starting point and inspiration for each bespoke furniture piece comes from the intrinsic personality of the wood itself. Our team of world class artisans and craftsmen works with rare solid woods, impressive single slab live edge lumber, and large book matched slabs, making unique and sophisticated furniture for residential and commercial projects worldwide.

Each piece is unique and can be customized per client’s specifications. For custom orders, please contact us by phone or email at