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  • Reclaimed Tamburil Toco Coffee Table

    Made with a single slab from a naturally fallen Tamboril tree, this raw edge coffee table was designed based on the unique characteristics of the wood. The cross-through legs, visible from the top, and the natural split at the center of the slab became the focal point in the design process. The result is a unique piece, with strong character!

    Customization options include finishes, reclaimed wood types, sizes, and base materials.

    Dimensions: 54″ L x 40″ D x 14″ H

  • Reclaimed Wood and Metal Coffee Table (Retalho Small)

    Contemporary cocktail table made of solid blocks of reclaimed wood and base in powder coated metal. This coffee table can be made to order using different types of salvaged wood, in custom dimensions and shapes. Rectangular or square, high or low, we will always look for and use interesting wood pieces to bring uniqueness to the piece.

    The Retalho line includes coffee tables, side tables, benches, stools, consoles and dining tables. Customization options include wood types, shapes, sizes, and base materials.

    Dimensions: 55” L x 36” D x 14” H

  • Single Slab Walnut and Lacquer Coffee Table

    This contemporary coffee table is made with a single slab of claro walnut and lacquered legs. It can be customized using alternative reclaimed wood types, sizes, and lacquer colors. Customers are encouraged to contact our design team for furniture image requests and to discuss design ideas.

    Dimensions: 42″ L x 37″ D x 15″ H

  • Salvaged Wood and Lacquer Coffee Table and Glass Top

    This square glass top coffee table is made with scraps of hardwood collected from our own manufacturing process, when making furniture items that use large slabs of wood. The base has a lacquer finish on the top, which is offered in different colors. Wood types used include walnut, peroba, tamburil, english elm, mango, and some more!

    Dimensions: 54″ L x 54″ D x 16″ H

    Estimated delivery 3 – 4 weeks

    $3,800.00 $2,280.00
    $3,800.00 $2,280.00
  • Bolacha Coffee Table and Aluminum Base

    Made from beautiful reclaimed wood, the Bolacha Coffee Table is a heirloom-quality piece that is perfect to center your living space around. The round table top slab, here showing the exquisite Tamburiuva wood grain, heightens the interest of the piece, making the visible rings a great conversation topic. What’s the age of the wood?

    This round coffee table is made of a crosscut of reclaimed Tamburiuva wood on natural finish, with its contemporary metal base made of hand polished aluminum.

    Dimensions: 46″ diameter X 15″ H

  • Pequi Wood Slice Coffee Table

    Coffee table made from a single slice of solid Brazilian Pequi wood.

    Dimensions: 51″ L x 49″ D x 11″ H

  • Imbuia Cross Cut Coffee Table

    One-of-a-kind organic coffee table made with part of a naturally fallen Brazilian Imbuia tree. It can be used with or without a glass top, and with or without casters.

    Dimensions: 75″ L x 34″ D x 17″ H

  • Pequi Round Wood Slab Coffee Table

    Contemporary coffee table made with a round slab of Brazilian Pequi wood, with organic edges and natural wood imperfections.

    Dimensions: 54″ Diameter X 10″ H

  • Organic Pequi Trunk Section Coffee Table

    This Contemporary cocktail table is made with a single slab of Brazilian Pequi wood to highlight it’s gorgeous organic edges and natural wood imperfections.

    Dimensions: 57″ L X 45″ D X 10″ H

  • Solid Cumaru Wood and Acrylic Base Coffee Table

    This Live Edge Coffee Table is made from a single slab of reclaimed wood Brazilian Cumaru Wood and a clear acrylic base. Each table is a unique statement piece.

    Dimensions: 63″ L X 31″ to 33″ D X 15″ H

  • Hollow Trunk Coffee Table with Square Glass Top

    Coffee table base made of a hollow trunk from a tree that died naturally. It is the result of a natural process, which sometimes is started by a fungi or insect intrusion through a broken branch. After being attacked, a tree may still live for many years, even decades, until it becomes completely hollowed out inside. One-of-a-kind item.

    Glass top: 54″ L x 54″ D; 3/4″ thick

    Base: 37″ L x 27″ D x 14″ H

  • Live Edge Walnut Slab Coffee Table with Metal Base

    This uniquely shaped coffee table is made from a single live edge slab of Walnut and a U-shaped leg metal base in a powder coated weathered metal finish. Glass top optional.

    Dimensions: 90″ L x 28″ D x 16″ H