From Fallen Wood to Furniture – The Process

From Fallen Wood to Furniture – The Process


From the trails of Brazil, a concept and a elegantly designed piece of art, is born. Rotsen Furniture’s showroom is based in Miami, Florida but known for it’s dedication to creating furniture that will stand the test of time and fleeting fashion and that makes sure to honor the natural environment and organic landscape in which it’s material comes from.

These fallen trees are the wood source for new projects to come for Rotsen. Seen here in Brazil:

miami-interior design-carpenters-rotsen-furniture

miami-interior design-carpenters-rotsen-furniture-1

miami-interior design-carpenters-rotsen-furniture-2


Once the wood arrives to the Port of Miami, the Rotsen Furniture crew takes over, picks it up, inspects the material and inventory and drives it back to our warehouse and showroom located in Hialeah. It is here where the skilled crew of craftsmen collaborate with the designer and in-house project managers to review the detailed shop drawings and plans for the creation of the custom-designed pieces.

It’s a process that we love, enjoy and pride ourselves in and that helps to separate Rotsen apart from all other millwork and woodworking companies in Miami. For us, the work of creation is an artistic effort and one that we are so happy to share with you on our new blog. Be sure to check back soon for more updates!






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